Banner Frenziest

Jim may eventually have to put a halt to my banner making, else we may end up with a bazillion pages of banners on our site. But it's so meditative in its own way . . .


I am an atheist

My thanks to Jim for telling me about this.


Scalloped Light

The glow from the lamp post
spills a scalloped frame of light
on the night-soaked wall,
scattering shards of darkness.

How soft, the surrounding shadows.
How beckoning, a cocoon.
Grace pierces a chrysalis
with particles of light.
Calling of freedom.
Calling of life.
Calling me.

The bewitching cries of shadows
are drowned in scalloped light.


Turn Love Inside Out

A friend of mine approached me awhile ago with a vision he had for site that would let people know about God's immense and amazing Love for all of humankind. This became a "what if..." discussion. What if we could try and communicate the message of God's Perfect Love? What would that look like? Where would we start? How do we convey to people who may never have experienced it, that those who feel God's love deep in their spirits spill that love out into the world.

Recently through our partnership this message of love has turned into a web site endeavor: www.turnloveinsideout.com . Jim is a writer, so this vision and the writing come from him. I am a designer, so the web site and graphics are my domain. There are other people involved as well. Darla is our Flickr group administrator, and the one who created the wonderful photo on our main page. Michael is one of the TLIO group bloggers. I am feeling so blessed to have a part in an initiative. What could be better than spending my time sending out ripples of Love?