Wide Open (and really small) Spaces

Jim Palmer, my anam cara, is releasing his book Wide Open Spaces soon. What better place to talk about wide open spaces than in a tiny, cramped drainage pipe...


Blog Excuses & Wide Open Spaces

So...I've been remiss in keeping up my blog. I'm making presents for Christmas - that's an excuse that sounds reasonably noble enough to get myself off the hook. Oh, and freelance work. And dabbling in digital scrapbooking. AND I'm reading my soul-friend Jim Palmer's new book that he sent me last week. I just started it and I love it. It's really good when you have a friend who writes a book and you like it, you know? Anyway, this is an endorsement by one of those Divine Nobodies - Wide Open Spaces - Beyond-Paint-By-Number-Christianity is well worth getting your hands on.