There was a man in my dream last night. I was going to do some work for his new business and went to his shop to visit him. He was someone I'd known quite awhile, and we stood there talking and then he leaned over and kissed me. Oh no, he didn't just kiss me. He put his arms around me first, slowly and tenderly, and then kissed me, slowly and tenderly. It was the most blissful feeling. I think I dreamt that because of a hug.

Last night when I went to church, I ran into Ron in the sanctuary, as the band was getting ready to practice, and he came up and gave me such an enthusiastic hug that it made me laugh and felt so good. As I drove home I thought about the fact that this married man is so generous with his hugs, and I don't know if he realizes what a blessing that is to single women. I get hugs from my son, and my girlfriends, and occasionally others, but it's also nice to have hugs from men that I know. When you've been divorced for a decade, and singlehood looks like it may remain your way of life, hugs from the opposite sex are not a part of your everyday experience. And when you're a woman, there's something comforting about a man's hug - it's strength I suppose. Younger people probably don't realize that even we older men and women miss that simple human connection with the opposite gender. I don't even realize it most of the time. Until a man I know and like spontaneously reminds me of that basic thing - that I am human and I need not only God's arms around me but occasionally the arms of another human being.


What Jordyne said

I was talking to our secretary Rebecca at work this afternoon and she was telling me how she's been having a discussion with her pastor about witnessing, and obviously her four-year-old daughter Jordyne had been listening as well.

When Rebecca took Jordyne to church last Sunday she gave her two Junior Mints to eat while sitting in the pew. A friend of theirs was sitting behind them. He's a man who always has a treat for Jordyne whenever he sees her, but this time he asked Jordyne if he could have one of her mints. Rebecca wasn't sure Jordyne was going to be keen on sharing when she only had two of them, but she immediately put one in their friend's outstretched hand. Then Jordyne turned to her mother and said, "I was witnessing".

Rebecca was trying to figure out exactly what her daughter meant and asked her after church, "How were you witnessing when you gave your mint away?"

And Jordyne said, "He was hungry and I fed him."