What Jordyne said

I was talking to our secretary Rebecca at work this afternoon and she was telling me how she's been having a discussion with her pastor about witnessing, and obviously her four-year-old daughter Jordyne had been listening as well.

When Rebecca took Jordyne to church last Sunday she gave her two Junior Mints to eat while sitting in the pew. A friend of theirs was sitting behind them. He's a man who always has a treat for Jordyne whenever he sees her, but this time he asked Jordyne if he could have one of her mints. Rebecca wasn't sure Jordyne was going to be keen on sharing when she only had two of them, but she immediately put one in their friend's outstretched hand. Then Jordyne turned to her mother and said, "I was witnessing".

Rebecca was trying to figure out exactly what her daughter meant and asked her after church, "How were you witnessing when you gave your mint away?"

And Jordyne said, "He was hungry and I fed him."


Anonymous said...

i love how children think.


4evergapeach said...

I hope you don't mind, but I copied this story and sent it to some family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing that. God Bless!