There is crap going on

There is crap happening in my church. Not small crap, but big - heartbreakeningly serious shit. One man is gone who gave so much of his life to our teens and our whole church body, and it's hard to see the fallout. It was a disagreement with our elders. How easy it would be for it to become an "us vs them". How easy to get sucked in to the human hurt, the very real drama of it, the very real pain.

All I know at this moment in time is to keep on loving, as I love them all. What's strange is that Christ's love becomes more real to me in the midst of all this crap, when it seems like it would be the opposite, and I would be pulled away and dismayed by all the brokenness. Perhaps his love penetrates more deeply into cracks and fissures and broken hearts.


kingsjoy said...

Anne, I'm really sorry to hear about the deal at Threads. Just want to encourage you--I think you're definitely on the right track to simply love and not be pulled into a battle stance.

anne said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Kingsjoy. No one wants crap in their own church, do they? But what a messy place church is, filled with all these human beings. It is encouraging to hear that you think I'm following the right path.

lydia said...

I'm praying for you Anne.

If there are children or teens involved (i.e. children of the leaders, children of the man you mentioned), give them some extra attention. They'll need it.

gerbmom said...

I am sooooooooo sorry. I really feel your pain right now. Keep loving, encourage others to keep perspective, and hang on to God. I'm praying for you, as well as for the teens who are caught in the middle and hurting.
How's Carman doing?

gaston said...

Oh that's sad.

It is.

anne said...

Thank you my friends for hurting with us, and for sharing your concern and prayers. Karen, Carman is doing well...I think he's reaching out to God in all this, and how wonderful that was his first response!

mdwinn said...

"Where there is no dung pile, there are no oxen." Jewish Proverb

I have no earthly idea why the Creator of all Heaven and earth trusts his precious message of hope and healing to such a broken set of clay pots.

One has to assume redemptive movement must be happening on some level, if "oxen" are involved.

As one who is affected at the deepest level by discord, I lament for your family as they work through this time of hurt.

nolesrock said...

i'm sorry, anne, that you're experiencing turmoil at your church...if you'd care to elaborate, feel free to e-mail me

wilsford said...

ok, every time i look at this post i want to reply but can't think of anything to write.

so, blog therapy here, getting it out of my system.

yuck. church sure can suck sometimes.

anne said...

Wilsford, you crack me up! Yes, church can suck sometimes....crazily I still love where I am. Hope I always do. Just as I hope I keep loving everyone around me no matter what other path they may be on.