Stations of the Cross

The last few days I have been caught up in work for my church. One interesting thing I've noticed is that I'm getting braver about expressing myself, as though I'm hearing this permission from God to let myself go more than I have. Not just by making graphics using Homer and Marge and Monica and Chandler to represent our week about marriage, though that was fun.

A bigger, more serious thing was that J. brought a Stations of the Cross printout to our last Creative Collaborative meeting, and Lee decided it'd be great to do this on Good Friday. I wasn't sure that it was enough time to do things with the creative integrity I thought it should have. More than that, though, was my feeling that the Stations exercise just didn't feel like Threads. I didn't like some of the language, and there were parts of it that seemed to make people feel more guilt about Christ's sacrifice for us, rather than being drawn to him for his great love. I was unsettled about it. So I posted all my thoughts to our group discussion board. Fortunately J. was accepting of my critique, and of course asked for my help. Rather than just sitting together and hashing over the Stations that she had, I decided to spend yesterday afternoon writing my own. I can't take credit, though - it was culled from various resources, with God inspiring a bit of it to fill in the blanks. With the tight deadline I had to also be mindful of using rather simple experiential elements, lest we have people pulling their hair out. Last night I sent this out to the half dozen people on our Creative team, and I have no idea what anyone will think. But if you care to venture an opinion or revision, (and they'd be most welcome, of course!, I have the Word doc online here.


Darla said...

wow.... wow.... wow... this is incredible. i want to come to threads for this service - how absolutely beautiful and honoring to God this will be, like sweet incense filling the air - i KNOW that this worship will be pleasing to Him. i love how you're using your creative gift for Him, anne - i'm so glad you have a place that will let you express yourself in the way God created you. i thank God for threads and lee!! :)

anne said...

Darla, you are always SO encouraging. What a blessing you are! As I said, I can't take credit for much - mostly I pieced together other people's fine work. But I'm with you regarding thanking God and Lee for a place like Threads, and an opportunity to serve Him in such creative ways. I so wish you were there too....every week, in fact!