Oh yes, give me those graven images

Just let me have some more of that moolah,
let me dogpaddle through the cash.
Bury me deep in hills of dough,
while heavenly coinage rains down.
I’ll frolic in the greenbacks,
gleeful, joyful, tossing high the dinero.

Oh yes, the lovely loot,
thrown pedestal high,
how fine the long green looks.
So fine with the Lamborghini and Jaguar,
So fine with the six-foot widescreen plasma TV,
So fine with the platinum and diamond right-hand ring.
Oh yes, the lovely loot, sitting on the sparkling
altar, on draped 800 thread-count sheets.

I want it, I deserve it, I should gift myself.
I need to spoil myself a little. Okay, a lot.
I’m supposed to prosper,
and so God will bless me
with lots of dough, and lots of Pretty Things.
Riches matter, this I know, because
The Media tells me so.

God says just ask and you’ll receive.
I need only to believe.
Luxury beckons, golden calves shine brightly.
And nowadays everyone is treating themselves.
Holy god of believe and receive,
Bless me, bless me, with the Almighty Dollar.


gerbmom said...

I like the new look...... :)

Anne said...

Hey, thank you! Nice to see you too. :)

Fred said...

Preach it sistah! :D

Anne said...

Fred, you crack me up! Thanks, mah brotha!

Thomas said...

This is truly inspired. You have obviously lived a blessed Life above survival - even when you were surviving - to have become so intuitively observant. Be sure G-d blesses you greatly and deeply for writing this Love poem to Him. Be sure that if you dare to go deeper He will give you even greater insights into His mysterious Way. Money is a compensatory tool for people who lack trust in G-d. Blessed is a child whose heart contains the multitudes, for that One is truly rich. Cursed is the rich man who shall never know if anyone loves him for his Soul.