Crickets @ Twilight

This isn't something I designed for our prayer garden or Creative Collaborative. But after designing some of the materials for our prayer garden/sanctuary for this series, I am feeling drawn to continue on in this vein. The words were taken from a prayer I wrote two years ago:

Dear Father,
In the crazy, busy, stressful
Torrents of churning life,
In the storming downpours,
May you be a gentle rain,
A calming brook,
A deep and quiet river within us.
May your voice be a summer’s breeze,
A gentle lapping of waves
on the shores of our soul.
May you fill our hearts with peace
Like the whisper of wind
Caressing the meadow grass,
Like the cricket’s song welcoming twilight.


Hannah said...

You are a true poet! A truly beautiful post.. I felt calm and serene reading it...

Thank you, by the way, for the comment you left on my post "A Vineyard of Prayer"!

If you have a moment, I'd like to invite you read my latest post on http://confessionsofanunchurchedbeliever.blogspot.com

Anne said...

Hannah, thanks for your kind words, and thanks as well for the invitation to visit your blog again. I'm popping over. :)

Kevin J. Bowman said...


As always, I think your art is beautiful and brilliant. This one was particularly beautiful, and the poem was Wonderful!

You should really submit your "slides" at SermonSlides.com. Artist make 50% of the revenue. You are so talented, I think of you every time I shop there!

Anne said...

Kevin, I'd never heard of Sermon Slides before. Thanks for that - especially thanks for thinking my design could stand next to the others I saw there! And wow, your "brilliant" and "beautiful" comments bless me so much. Thank you, thank you.

Sundries Sublime said...

This is so beautiful!!!

Anne said...

Jennifer, I owe it to you! :)

Sally said...

beautiful - thank you. Is that picture created with pastels?

Anne said...

Sally, no, it was all done in Photoshop with tools and brushes. Thanks so much for your "beautiful" comment!