In Silence

For the prayer garden we'll be using for this upcoming series. A place to be in silence would be a wonderful sanctuary for me. Tonight it was my small backyard, with a beautiful breeze blowing through the trees. I'm grateful for this perfect evening weather, when I can sit outside and feel God's presence in all of his world around me.


Sundries Sublime said...

Anne! This is so, so beautiful! And so cool! i can't wait for Sunday to see it in real life!

Also, I've been meaning to email you that the attachment you sent, your version of the brushes, is amazing! I can't believe you created that with your pen tool!!! You are so talented!!!

Sundries Sublime said...

Hello again! I loved all the signs you made! The whole "garden" was so... enchanted. :-)

Anne said...

Jennifer, thank you so much for your encouraging notes; they really mean a lot. Jessica gets most of the credit for putting the prayer garden together, and you get all the credit for telling me about the Photoshop brushes! I'm sorry that I didn't see you at Threads. Darn!