Jim Kicks Ass

Jim was one of my daughter Kelly's best friends in high school, but they'd lost touch the last few years. When Kelly wrote him a few nights ago, she didn't expect to hear that Jim was sitting in a hospital room getting IV drips of chemo and playing Guitar Hero while he waits for a stem cell transplant in a few days. Before that, he was finishing up law school. Leukemia was an unexpected interruption.

Jim's friends have decided that it's Chuck Norris who is defeating the evil Louis Kemia. Through Jim's blog posts on the web site his friend set up, you'll see an amazing spirit - both Jim's and all his friends.

My daughter was understandably sad and upset when she found out all Jim is going through. As a mother and a graphic artist, I did what I often do when my children are sad - I design something. So I decided to make these blog buttons so people could add them to their blogs, because I don't think you can ever get too many positive comments or prayers during a time like this. In fact, I'm sure of it.


Shalene said...

Hi Anne,
Shalene here (from What If Women comments.) I really like the concept of the blog buttons, but I don't suppose you designed any that say "butt" instead, do you? :) I know, I sound like a prude. I'm not, I'm just thinking of any possible future readers of my blog, and don't want to give the wrong impression. (The ones that get a wrong impression, wouldn't stay around long enough to understand why the language was almost necessary to make the proper impact.) So anyway, let me know, would you? I'll be praying for Jim. And praying he kicks some, too. Blessings to you.

Anne said...

Hey Shalene! How nice you visited my own spiritual blog. I understand your concern about Jim Kicks - and have made an alternate button now: http://www.goodrichdesign.net/jka.htm

I hadn't changed anything because, well, it's Jim's blog. But I don't want to offend people who might be hesitant in having that on a spiritual forum either. So thanks for being honest about your thoughts and for your prayers!

Anne said...

I understand the stream of consciousness thing! :) Jim's site is quite obviously created by guys in their 20's - whether they're followers of Christ or not, I don't know. They certainly are attaching Jim's disease with bravado and a bit of roughness - which might not be suitable for all visitors to your Proverbs site, to be sure, but which I'm sure is very therapeutic for them!

Don't worry if you decide not to link to the site. I just wanted to think of some small thing I could do and this was one of them. Prayers are always the most valuable.