Praying in Color

I just started reading Praying in Color. You know what surprised me? I love it. I love how it's written, and the design of the book. Mostly, though, I am finding I love praying in color. It focuses me, and combines joy with prayer.

"When I draw as a way to enter prayer, I get to delight in my prayer and to feel God's delight that I am making an effort to pray. Prayer can be the heavy labor of my heart and mind where I am the foreman of a job site. Or prayer can be my joy and freedom, the place where I get to play in the presence of my Creator; where I get a taste of the 'glorious liberty of being a child of God.'" ~Sybil MacBeth


gerbmom said...

This looks awesome Anne - gonna have to get a copy of the book and try this myself. I doodle all the time - this could be a great exercise for me! :)

Sundries Sublime said...

Very cool! Sounds so intriguing!! I LOVE your prayer picture!!!

Anne said...

Karen, yes! if you love doodling then you should definitely buy Praying in Color. I think you'll love it as I do!

Jennifer, I might bring my first praying in color prayer to group tomorrow. I can't wait to join you there, and I'm glad you love my prayer picture - thanks!

Kelly K said...

Hi Anne! I have to say, I love your blog! It's so sincere and awe-inspiring. I love the connectedness (is that a word?) you see in the small things every day. I'm a big believer in the small things. They always seem to matter most. Can't wait to read more! HUGS!

saffiertje said...

I am looking around for praying in color experienses... Tanx for sharing yours! I am so inspired by this..